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oman on the panel aggressively shook her head no to Camerota’s question. WATCH: 0:07 / 0:15 CNN has had several differen

VIDEO: “Holy, sh!t,” exclaims Fox News reporter as he walks through the chaos in Phoenix

“Let’s look. Can we see this? Watch. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know why there would be tear gas. Everything was very calm, no one was setting upon…. yeah, there are canisters of gas and they are throwing it at the cops now. Uh-oh. Holy shit! Somebody just set off fireworks….”

KARMA! Video of Antifa douchenozzle getting nailed in the family jewels by a police pepper ball in Phoenix. Nice shot, officer!

BOOM! He gets nailed in the nuts by a police pepper ball. Fetal position. “Oh, dear Jesus, help me. Soros, this is going to cost you extra. I love Trump. I swear! Someone help me. I can’t see. I can’t walk. Oh, dear God, take me now!”

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer admits being a socialist, supports international socialism, and calls Trump supporters “cucks”

There is another impostor posing as a patriot whose background indicates that he is also a leftist plant, intent upon smearing all patriots by association. Meet Richard Spencer.

Contrary to popular speculation, President will not announce a pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Phoenix rally

I believe there is little doubt that President Trump will at some point pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the unjust conviction he has received in a kangaroo court run by a flaming liberal political hack of a judge. But it won’t happen in Phoenix at Tuesday’s Trump rally, contrary to popular speculation. 

Bikers for Trump to provide security in Phoenix for pro-Trump groups to protect them from anarchist slime like Antifa

Bikers for Trump, Arizona Chapter will be on hand at President Trump’s Phoenix rally tonight to provide security, not for President Trump but for the many Trump supporters who will be attending and whose “Make America Great Again” hats and other Trump gear makes them immediate targets to lawless leftist groups like Antifa.

VIDEO: Chaos in Charlottesville as citizens take over City Council meeting, demanding answers to the city’s failure during the recent rally

Citizens of Charlottesville, Virginia took over a City Council meeting Monday, shouting down the mayor and council members, who threatened citizens with removal if they continued their vocal objection to the city’s handling of the Unite the Right rally held on August 12, which only made the already irate citizens angrier.

VIDEO: Sebastian Gorka runs logical circles around CNN fake news airhead Alisyn Camerota

“How bad does your network have to suck to get beat out (in the ratings) by Investigation Discovery, whatever that is, and Nick-at-Nite, which features reruns of ancient cartoons like Yogi Bear?”

Amidst the constant slamming of President Trump, here is a bit of hopeful news to keep in mind. Trump and We the People are winning!

The screams are the death throes of a treasonous leftist cult, a collection of organized career parasites, swamp creatures of the first rank watching helplessly as President Trump pulls the plug on their beltway home. They have become millionaires, looking out for their own interests for decades, at the expense of We the People.

VIDEO: What appears to be a leftist internal race war between BLM and Antifa turns out to be something very different and very encouraging

“Donald Trump needs to fix all this. That’s what Donald Trump needs to do. Law and order. He needs to fix all of this shit.” He knew what was going on. He could see the real racist dividers…. Antifa and the left. I was left very much encouraged by his words.

The liberal mainstream media is now aiming to label all Trump supporters as “white nationalists,” a group that includes the KKK and neo-Nazis

I had never heard the term “white nationalist” before the Charlottesville tragedy. Suddenly, it is who I am. At least, according to the liberal media. I support President Trump. Therefore, I am a white nationalist.

Invoking the name of God, Chappelle-Nadal apologizes to President Trump for wanting to kill him. Sorry, I’m not buying it!

This sow has gotten away with outrageous, borderline criminal statements for years. This one blew up in her face and she is likely to lose her senate seat over it, so she is whipping out the church card.

Assorted captures of love and peace from the uber-tolerant and inclusive left (Antifa) in Boston

Following are just a few video captures and snapshots of the famous love and tolerance of the left, in particular, Antifa, which behaved in characteristic fashion, assaulting innocent people and hurling urine, bottles, and bricks at cops. 

Trending on Twitter: “I Hope Trump Is Assassinated.” And liberal tool, Twitter, is allowing it

I wonder if anything would be done if the liberal losers carried sniper rifles up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. I doubt it. It’s just free speech, right?

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